Defining Smart Networks


Defining Smart Networks to Maximize Quality of Experience for OTT Applications

November 21st 2013 – 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

OTT (Over-The-Top) players are becoming increasingly relevant to the consumer, and smartphones are shifting focus from the network to downloadable applications. Application behavior, with respect to wireless network capabilities exploitation, is often not rational and left to chance, resulting in less quality and waste of wireless resources. OMA is working on a set of enablers (such as Always Online Infrastructure, REST NetAPI QoS, Device Apps Network Efficiency), which all together will define a framework to allow mobile operators to offer their networks to OTT players as smart networks.

During this event OMA will bring together app developers, network operators, equipment and handset vendors to discuss what the OTT vendors need from the operators to optimize application performance, as well as what capabilities the mobile ecosystem players can expose to ensure maximum Quality of Experience (QoE) for end users.

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Agenda Highlights:

Camillo Carlini – Telecom Italia

Camillo CarliniTaming the “Service Layer (r)evolution: a disruptive threat or an innovative opportunity. Read more>>

Han Zuidweg – Huawei

Han ZuidwegTaming the “Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Service. Read more>>

Bryan Sullivan – AT&T

Bryan SullivanTaming the “Carrier APIs – do they offer more or less than 3rd parties? Read more>>

Brian Mullen – Twilio

Brian MullenTaming the “Evolution of de facto APIs and their uptake. Read more>>

Mark O'Neill – Axway

Mark O'NeillTaming the “Wild REST”: Reining in insecure APIs. Read more>>

Shannon Chevier – IMSWorkX

Shannon ChevierAPI Tradeoffs – A Vendor’s Perspective. Read more>>

Michel Burger – Vodafone

Michel BurgerNetwork operator API monetization and disruption. Read more>>

Frank Creede – PDV Connect

Frank CreedeLessons from the coal face – what it is like to use carrier APIs. Read more>>

John Wilmes – TM Forum

John WilmesLeveraging Smart Networks for OTT Partnerships. Read more>>

Rajiv Dholakia – Nok Nok Labs (FIDO Alliance)

Rajiv DholakiaHow simple authentication can improve an OTT service. Read more>>

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