OMA Big Data Seminar


The era of Big Data, advertising and social media – How standards can fill the gaps in the ecosystem

June 6th 2013 – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Burlington Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

We live in an environment where almost every action we take – every move we make – in our physical and online lives is recorded in some way with the possibility of analysis and re-use by others. On the mobile device, each use of an application, view of a website, text received or call made, results in the creation and potential collection of data.

The creation and use of this data is evolving at an amazing speed, with uses varying from mobile advertising and commerce, improved search and social interaction.

This OMA seminar is designed to bring together thought leaders in the area of Big Data, as it relates to mCommerce and Mobile Advertising, to discuss the ecosystem and make recommendations about the potential for new standards or best practices, which might help stimulate innovation, market growth and greater end-user satisfaction.

This interactive day will include sessions on:

  1. Big data generation – devices, sensors and the Internet of things: Most new devices have a host of sensors, which generate lots of data. Many electronic items now have built in connectivity to connect them to and interact with services on the Internet. What is needed for efficiency and interconnectivity?
  2. Mobile commerce and advertising: Looking at the ecosystem for mobile commerce and advertising and the needs of the stakeholders in the industry, what is needed to enhance current services?
  3. Mobile codes and NFC: This session will look at the way in which tags such as QR codes and NFC combined with functionality on the mobile device can lead to enhanced services. Is there a need for more standards? Can best practices for users of these tags help with user uptake?
  4. Social interaction: Social interaction is now more prevalent via mobile devices than any other medium. Most services now have an element of social interactivity in them to enable sharing of data, recommendations, etc. What is the role of standardised or proprietary APIs?

Agenda Highlights:

Keynote Speaker: Ajit Jaokar - Founder, futuretext

Ajit_JaokarAjit will talk about Big data in context – what it means to consumers, regulators and the industry future. Read more>>

Francesco Calabrese - Advisory Research Staff Member, IBM Research

Francesco_CalabreseAllAboard: a system for exploring urban mobility and optimizing public transport using cellphone data. Read more>>

Malcolm Bowden - President Global Solutions, GS1

Malcolm BowdenGS1 Standards for Mobile Advertising. Read more>>

Mike Wehrs - Chief Executive Officer & President, Scanbuy

Mike WehrsThe state of the industry in mobile scanning. Read more>>

Mark Little - Principal Analyst, Ovum Consumer Services

Mark LittleManagement and use of personal data in a mobile context. Read more>>

Tom Walls - CEO, Ciqual Limited

Tom WallsCustomer insight using on-device clients. Read more>>

Philip Sheldrake - Managing Partner, Euler Partners

Philip SheldrakeCustomer insight using on-device clients. Read more>>

Terence Eden - Telefonica

Terence Eden“Everything You Know About QR Codes Is Wrong”. Read more>>

Video Highlights