Automotive Telematics Infotainment Webinar


Automotive Telematics/Infotainment Webinar

April 15th 2014 – 6 AM PDT/9 AM EDT/ 3 PM CET/ 10 PM JST

Automotive telematics and the convergence of automotive and telecom are gaining industry and consumer awareness. The benefits of adopting such technology within the automotive industry include improved safety, security, maintenance, convenience, and infotainment. A much discussed topic at GSMA Mobile World Congress, by 2020 it is predicted that the scale of connected cars is to reach into the millions of units in many regions. This seminar examines automotive telematics features, trends, drivers and barriers. It will also explore the telematics ecosystem, as well as providing strategic recommendations/requirements for future consumer needs.

The seminar, after an introduction from Francesco Vadalà (OMA Technical Plenary Chairman), will feature a variety of pioneering presentations, including a presentation from T.Russell Shields (Board Member of the ITS World Congress and the Chair of the ITU organized Collaboration on ITS Communications Standards), as well as presentations from KDDI Corporation, Redbend and Smith Micro Software.

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Agenda Highlights:

T. Russell Shields - Ygomi

The wireless evolution and the transformation of the connected vehicle – Discussion will cover what the vehicle manufacturers will want from carriers as they move step by step through advanced multimedia systems to automated driving.

Russ Shields is Chair of Ygomi. In 2008, to recognize his 40 years defining new industries, the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business awarded him the Distinguished Alumni Award in Entrepreneurship. He is a Board Member of the ITS World Congress, was a founding Board Member of ITS America, former chair of the TRB Communications Committee , and former Convener of ISO/TC204/WG16. He is now Chair of the ITU organized Collaboration on ITS Communications Standards​​​.

He received the 1998 SAE-Delco Electronics ITS Award, was named an SAE Fellow in 2007, was inducted into the inaugural class of ITS America’s Hall of Fame in 2008, and was named the inaugural U.S. member of the ITS World Congress Hall of Fame in 2010.

Ryoichi Kawada - KDDI Corporation

HTML5 based in-vehicle infotainment – The presentation will cover contents sharing between a smartphone and an in-vehicle infotainment system using HTML5.

Dr. Ryoichi Kawada was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1966. He received the B.S., the M.S. and the Dr.Eng. degrees from Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan, all in electronic engineering, in 1989, 1991, and 2004 respectively. From 1991, he was with KDDI R & D Laboratories, Saitama, Japan. He was engaged in the research and development of video processing, especially motion compensated frame rate conversion, video quality evaluation / monitoring, video coding and recognition. In 1997 and 1998, he was a visiting researcher at Center for Telecommunications Research in Columbia University in New York. Currently he is with R&D Strategy Division of KDDI Corporation as well as a senior visiting researcher in Keio Research Institute at SFC.

Sunil Marolia - Smith Micro Software

Monetizing the Intersection of Smartphones and Connected Cars – With the growth in connected cars and worldwide smartphone penetration, new opportunities are emerging to provide more personalized services for consumers and improved engagement with customers for commercial transportation. In this presentation, we will introduce a novel application of OMA standards which push the boundaries far beyond traditional asset management use-cases normally associated with OMA-DM and OMA-DL. Leveraging extensions to these standards, we will present how these standards can be used to improve customer loyalty, drive revenue, and improve the customer experience in a commercial or public transportation scenario.

Sunil Marolia is currently the Vice President of Product Management for Smith Micro Software in charge of product strategy and roadmap for their wireless and mobility products. Prior to Smith Micro, Sunil lead the product management and marketing functions at Hewlett-Packard in their Mobility Solutions Group. He also held the position of Vice President of Product Marketing and Pre-Sales at Bitfone Corporation, where he pioneered in the market definition and technology strategy for over-the-air (OTA) device management solutions, including firmware update and remote diagnostics. Sunil has co-authored several industry papers on operational challenges and best practices associated with the support of complex mobile devices including key contributions into industry standards bodies such as the Open Mobile Alliance, OTA Flash Forum, and the CDMA Development Group. Sunil holds a BSEE from the University of California, Los Angeles, and an MBA from the University of California, Irvine.

Yoram Berholtz - Redbend

Manage the Accelerating Amount of Software in Cars – With the increasing amount of software inside the car, OEMs need a better method for maintaining software in the vehicle’s electronic control units (ECUs) and infotainment system. Current methods for software update at the dealership can be time-consuming for the technician, expensive for the OEM, and inconvenient for the car owner. By updating the car software over the air using the OMA DM standard, OEMs can decrease warranty costs, improving the customer experience and build a direct relationship with car owners without depending on the dealers as a proxy.

Yoram Berholtz is the Director of Market Adoption at Red Bend Software, the market leader in Mobile Software Management. Mr. Berholtz is responsible for working with mobile operators and device manufacturers to help them increase and improve their usage of over-the-air software updating. In addition, he has responsibility for developing partnerships and go-to-market strategies in the Automotive and Connected Device markets, and oversees the Red Bend Certified™ OMA Interoperability program. Mr. Berholtz has experience in engineering, product management and partner management with an emphasis on mobile technologies , having worked at Motorola, Pelephone, ECI Telecom, Schema, Intel and Marvell.

Joel Hoffmann - Intel

GENIVI Alliance – An Open and Collaborative Approach for the Automotive Industry Infotainment Systems – Will talk about the connectivity work GENIVI has been doing in its context. Successful interactions with external bodies like W3C in the Automotive Web API arena, producing reusable open source software and a full IVI platform for testing and further development, and other such accomplishments of GENIVI. We would probably push the “open, collaborative” message, since that is core to our past and future success.

Joel Hoffmann is the Automotive Strategist for Intel’s expanding Automotive Solutions Division. In this capacity, he leads the strategic focus for next generation automotive use cases, providing direction for silicon development that applies to cars several generations into the future. He also drives the infotainment group toward a common and open vision, which includes spearheading new market development around advanced driving technologies. Pioneering open software innovation, Hoffmann has been involved in The GENIVI Alliance, a non-profit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) open-source development platform since its inception in 2009. In addition to developing its original name and branding concepts, he continues as a board member, leads the marketing team, and is Treasurer of the Alliance. With a background in sales and marketing, and technical experience in automotive, telecommunications and consumer electronics, he represents Intel in a variety of automotive contexts as the company invests in this important industry.

Sean Fleming - Mformation

Managing the Intelligence of Augmented Reality through Dumb Devices – When phones became smart enough to store our music and photos while managing our email and schedules, they became critical to our everyday. We carry our worlds in our smart phones as proof that technology has integrated its way into our lives, but, with all of the advances technology has to offer, integrated isn’t enough. Now is the time for augmented reality, for the convergence of our virtual worlds with our physical world, for life made easier by machine-to-machine communications. Now, instead of carrying the world in a device, we have devices throughout our world. They are in our cars and in our homes. They track our stuff and monitor our health. They uniquely and personally connect us to the people, places, and things that are our reality from virtually anywhere, but the devices that now augment our connected world are not smart. The sensors in our cars and the monitors in our fitness equipment are simple, fit for purpose devices. The intelligence in our connected world comes from the way we manage it. This session will look at some of the technological imperatives of the evolving machine-to-machine ecosystem and open questions about how to manage the intelligence of our augmented reality.

Sean Fleming is the Vice President of Business Development Worldwide for Mformation. He is responsible for all of Mformation’s strategic alliances, channel partners and OEM relationships. He has previously served in various roles within Mformation, including solution sales, pre-sales, professional services and customer support. Since joining Mformation in 2004, Sean has a proven track record in building world-class pre-sales and services teams as well as deep customer relationships through strong pre-sales and post-sales support. Prior to Mformation, Sean was a management consultant in the communication and media industry sectors of IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Andersen Consulting (Accenture). Sean has led implementation teams for various Fortune 500 companies. Sean holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware. Sean is also an EIT, registered in Delaware.