OMA Demo Day


OMA Demo Day at Mobile World Congress

February 26th 2014 – 15:00 to 19:00 PM

Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

Wireless Ecosystem Standards – Benefits Across the Internet of Everything

The Open Mobile Alliance and OMA member companies invite you to the 2nd Annual OMA Demo Day at MWC. Across the mobile industry, advertising, automotive, utilities, public safety and more – the whole world has gone Wireless! Find out how OMA and other Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) enable broader adoption and deliver open specifications for the Internet of Everything.

OMA’s specifications support billions of new and existing fixed and mobile terminals across a variety of networks. Driven by the global demand for mobile data services, the member companies of the Open Mobile Alliance support the adoption of new and enhanced information, communication and entertainment solutions.

Attendees can expect to get exclusive insight into how the OMA and other Standards Development Organizations (SDO’s) are enabling broader adoption and delivering open specifications for the Internet of Everything.

Join ARM, Comverse, CSR, Friendly Technologies, GS1, Huawei, IPSO Alliance, Mformation, Open Geospatial Consortium, Red Bend, Smith Micro, Telecom Italia and Vodafone for OMA Demo Day at MWC14 – Wednesday, February 26 from 15:00 to 19:00 in Hall 8 Theatre D.

  • Doors open at 15:00.
  • Demos will run throughout the afternoon.
  • Presentations from Open Geospatial Consortium, IPSO Alliance/ARM, Red Bend, Comverse, GS1 and Telecom Italia begin at 15:30.
  • Appetizers and drinks served at 16:30.
  • Gifts for the first 75 pre-registered guests to arrive.

Demo Day Highlights:


ARM will be demonstrating end-to-end software and rapid development for the efficient management of and communication with Internet of Things devices using the OMA Lightweight M2M enabler. A server side web application and OMA Lightweight M2M Server will be shown using the ARM Sensinode NanoService solution demonstrating both device management and application data over the same system. Rapid development of IoT devices will be shown using the MBED online development environment and SDK on the new u-blox GSM mbed development board with built-in LWM2M Client technology.


Comverse will demonstrate its new offering, embodying an approach that enables communication service providers (CSPs) to rapidly build a critical mass of users for new IP-based services by modernizing traditional voice and messaging services with a rich user experience and enabling them on any connected device.

Seamless circuit-switch fallback ensures robust availability to all subscribers – IMS and non-IMS.

Comverse’s offering is built on the OMA CPM Enabler, which Comverse strongly endorses and recommends for every CSP seeking to become a significant player/ influencer in the digital life of their subscribers.


CSR will be demonstrating Indoor Navigation at the OMA Demo Day, using the SiRFusion platform, which uses the OMA SUPL Enabler for location aiding and standard OMA interfaces for data transfer. Through the fusion of MEMS, GNSS, WiFi and other signals of opportunity, the SiRFusion solution provides high quality continuous indoor location. The solution is fully crowd sourced, is not dependent on new infrastructure or infrastructure upgrades being installed and supports BT Smart beacons.

The demo utilizes the SiRFstarV 5xp device, a complete location engine solution providing extremely low power continuous location awareness without waking the phones application processor. User context, orientation, geo fence and customer specific motion or location applications can all be processed on chip.


Swiss research institute iCare has worked with GS1 and OMA on a demo to show the power of barcode scanning in evolving mobile devices.

The demo uses the Google Glass platform to scan barcodes on product packaging to receive nutritional information and recipes, save coupons and share on social media websites.

GS1 and OMA standards are critical in enabling this vision of the connected consumer of the future whose shopping trip and product usage are augmented with trusted information and services.

“Our consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to research and purchase products. GS1 and OMA standards will allow more consumers to access accurate and trusted product information to help them with their daily lives”, said John Phillips, SVP Customer Supply Chain and Logistics at PepsiCo.

Friendly Technologies

Friendly Technologies provides unified OMA-DM and TR-069 device management solutions for mobile and fixed operators. Our solution significantly reduces support costs while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

Friendly will demonstrate:

• 4G LTE/WiMax Device Management – with its complete device and service life-cycle, including zero-touch provisioning, diagnostic and troubleshooting, inventory reports, FW upgrades and more.
• Mobile device management (MDM) – standard-based OMA-DM client and server platform for managing BYOD Smartphones targeting both enterprise and residential market.
• Quality of Experience (QoE) & Monitoring solution – measuring quality of service and KPI at the subscriber endpoint, enabling to identify bottle-necks and proactively detect and solve performance degradation.


Huawei’s “LookLike” demo extracts age, gender and emotion information from an image of the user’s face. Based on this information, the demo makes targeted recommendations of products and services to the user. For first-time users, the demo doesn’t need to know their exact identity, as it can guess what kind of person they may be. For existing users, the demo can recognize their faces, and makes recommendations according to their personal information and shopping history.


Mformation will be demonstrating its uniquely scalable, high-performance solution for managing the “Internet of Things”, which provides a horizontal, standards-based device management platform for performing key device activation and configuration, software update and remote diagnostics functions on the projected billions of connected devices used in a wide range of industries—from telematics systems to utility grids, medical equipment and industrial machines. The Mformation platform scales to manage billions of wirelessly connected devices, supporting multiple OMA enablers (OMA DM, GwMO, ConnMO, DiagMon, SCOMO, FUMO, LAWMO, etc.) on a single platform to meet a wide range of vertical industry requirements.

Red Bend

Highlighting the applicability of OMA Enablers for Automotive applications, Red Bend’s demo will be presented on a life size automobile console. Red Bend’s TRUE™ Solution for BYOD offers the Enterprise and the Service Provider a new business model with the unique ability to provision and manage a standard Android secure enterprise domain and applications over the air (OTA), without compromising application and data security. OTA delta provisioning (FUMO) creates a completely separate and isolated second Android OS on the consumer device for enterprise use. Management of the secure enterprise domain (VirMO) and applications (SCOMO), and remote security (LAWMO) can be applied to a single or group of devices.

Smith Micro

1) ANDSF/OMA/ANDSF processing technology
a. “Smith Micro Software will demonstrate NetWise I/O, an Android client capable of supporting OMA DM and ANDSF protocols”
b. “Smith Micro Software will demonstrate ANDSF policy processing capability of a carrier-grade connection manager, with embedded OMA DM and OpenCMAPI technologies ” (*)

2) M2M
b. “Smith Micro will demonstrate the OMA DM protocols in an M2M device showing various type of management objects and policy rule processing in action” (*)

Telecom Italia

The demo shows an innovative Smartphone development device, backed by Telecom Italia and intended to be offered to developers communities, industrial partners and Universities, as the reference implementation of the best current open standards. This reference Smartphone model aims at maximizing the user’s QoE and the exploitation of next generation Wireless Networks, through the new OMA framework Generic Open Terminal API.


The demo shows (part of) an OMA Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) prototype implementation developed as part of a Vodafone R&D/Innovation Park project jointly with Device Insight and NetComm Wireless. It consists of a cellular 3G router – an existing product from NetComm Wireless called Machine Link 3G – which has an embedded LWM2M client to support remote management via a LWM2M web server from Device Insight. Most of the existing OMA LWM2M data objects have been implemented allowing comprehensive remote management functionality such as firmware update, power and memory status check, error reporting, RF measurement, remote reboot, and much more.