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OMA LWM2M Workshop

default_header January 28th 2015 – 9:00 to 13:30 (GMT+1)

Open to OMA and non-OMA member companies at no charge.

OMA Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) is a new open industry standard, which specifies a way to remotely manage a wide range of M2M devices and connected appliances in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). This workshop is designed to educate both OMA members and non-members about the features of LWM2M and the tools and ecosystem enabling development of products and services based on the LWM2M standard.

Workshop topics will include an introduction to OMA LWM2M and how it fits into the world of IOT by Friedhelm Rodermund of Vodafone and an introduction to the OMA Developer Tool Kit by Joaquin Prado of OMA. Matthias Kovatsch of ETH Zurich will present a demo of the LWM2M Developer Tool Kit Client Simulator. Julien Vermillard of Sierra Wireless will present an overview of LWM2M projects on-going at the Eclipse Foundation, while Antonio Jara from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland will show a live demo of a LWM2M implementation. Finally, Svante Alnås of Sony Mobile and Michael Koster of ARM will discuss LWM2M Management Objects and the tools used to create them.

To download the presentation slides please Click here>>

Agenda Highlights:

Friedhelm Rodermund, Vodafone Group R&D

Introduction, OMA LWM2M in the IoT Space

Joaquin Prado, Open Mobile Alliance

OMA Developer Tool Kit –

  • Technical Specifications – Web Based Documentation
  • Technical Summary – Interactive PDF Document

OMA GitHub ­and Developers Community
OMNA Objects and Resources Registry

Matthias Kovatsch, ETH Zurich

OMA LWM2M DevKit Client Simulator and CoAP Implementations

Julien Vermillard, Sierra Wireless

    OMA LWM2M Projects in Eclipse Foundation –

  • Open Source Code
    • Leshan Project, LWM2M Server
    • Wakaama Project, LWM2M Client/Server
  • Sandbox Server

Michael Koster, ARM

IPSO Alliance Objects

Svante Alnås, Sony Mobile

Tools to Create Objects and Resources (eMOT/eLWM2M)